Bye Bye Bear 🐻

Science is organized knowledge; wisdom is organized life.

—Immanuel Kant.

I’m a big fan of taking notes to organise my work and life, and I’ve been using Bear as a notetaking app over the last few years* (coming across from Evernote). I like it for its simplicity but it seems like this simplicity has become its Achilles’ heel.

I started using a separate Apple ID for my work and the issue with Bear is it’s macOS and iOS only and it uses iCloud sync so I can’t use it on my work laptop which uses a separate Apple ID – there is a plan to have a web version of Bear at some point but the intention has been talked about for years but nothing has happened.

At some point you give up on what you love and find something that works for you. I’ve been using Zoho Notebook for a few weeks now and I like it. It does tables (which bear doesn’t support) and I like how it arranges notes (or cards as it calls it) into separate notebooks reflecting real life. There’s clients for macOS and iOS (which don’t use iCloud for syncing) and also a web version for use anywhere anytime. It seems to suit my purposes well and it’s free (supported by development of other Zoho products).

My notebooks look like this:

What do you use to organise your work/life/notes?

*We also use a Simplenote account logged into multiple iDevices to share text snippets/to do lists for our household.