iPhone App of the Week

My iPhone app of the week: Glympse

Location sharing privacy is a pretty hard problem to solve as most people don’t want to share their location all the time, no matter who they’re sharing it with. Apps like Google Latitude and Apple’s Find My Friends work mostly around having a network of known people and either permanently or temporarily sharing your location with them.

Glympse solves the location sharing privacy problem in a much better way. It allows to share you location with anyone (using a generated url) but only for a limited time. The beauty of the app is you can quickly SMS or email your Glympse location to anyone (like your mum) and they don’t even need to have Glympse to be able to click on it and instantly see your location. The link will expire in the time you have set, and if you click on it after that time, it simply doesn’t display anything.

I use Glympse almost daily, some examples are:

  • Texting my wife my location walking home from work to help her with dinner plans
  • Texting my parents our location when driving to visit them on the weekends (the drive is 60 mins but prone to bad traffic)
  • Running late for a meeting with a colleague, letting them know where I am

I find it an invaluable app, it’s available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry, and it’s free to use.