One of the reasons why myself, and many others, still refer to Selenium 2 as WebDriver, I suspect, is it’s googleable. If you’re trying to find information about Selenium 2 through Google, it constantly brings up results for Selenium RC or Selenium IDE, which are vastly different from Selenium 2. When you Google ‘Webdriver’ you know you’re getting Selenium 2 and that only.

That’s why googleability is so important. Many open source projects have short hipsterish names such as grape, gatling, bacon and hoe which aren’t googleable. Watir is very googleable as watir will return watir results, and even watir webdriver is pretty good for Googleability too. This blog’s name is very googleable.

It applies for people too. It should be no surprise that the first thing someone hiring does when looking at a CV is Google the candidate’s name. If the person has a generic name, eg Ben Smith, it’s going to be very hard to find that person quickly. Since I have a fairly generic last name, Scott, we have purposely chosen to give our children interesting first names (Finley, Orson) to increase their Googleability (yes I Google my yet to be born children’s names).

So next time you’re naming an open source project, or baby, think of googleability.