My New Topic for CukeUp! Australia 2015

My change in circumstances means I’ll be doing a slightly different topic for CukeUp! 2015 in Sydney from 19-20 November.

Conference Discount Code

If you would like to attend you can use the following code: SPEAKER-10-AS to get an extra 10% off the early bird price until 18th September.

New Talk Topic

My new talk is titled ‘The 10 Do’s and 500* Don’ts of Automated Acceptance Testing’

Automated acceptance tests/executable specifications are a key part of sustainable software delivery, but most teams struggle to implement these in an efficient, productive way without hindering velocity. Alister will share a few ways to move towards successful automated acceptance testing, and many traps of automated acceptance testing, so you achieve business confidence of every commit in a continuous delivery environment. *Note: talk may or may not include 500 don’ts.

If you’re a Simpsons fan like me, you may recognize the title from here:


Hoping to see those from down under there.


CukeUp! Australia 2015

The first ever CukeUp! Australia is being held in Sydney on November 19 and 20, 2015.

I have been selected to speak and my talk is titled ‘Establishing a Self-Sustaining Culture of Quality at Domino’s Digital’.

Just 12 months ago Domino’s had a dedicated manual testing team who performed testing during a dedicated testing phase at the end of each project. Not only did this substantially slow down projects, releases were big and introduced lots of risk despite having been independently tested. Fast forward to today, Domino’s Digital consists of multiple cross-functional teams who are wholly responsible and accountable for quality into and beyond production through regular releases: no testing team, no testing phases, no testing manager. Alister will share the journey of moving to a self-sustaining culture of quality and detail the cosmic benefits the business has received in increasing both quality and velocity across all digital delivery initiatives.

Early-bird tickets are available now. Hoping to see those from down under there.