Testing Pyramids & Ice-Cream Cones

I like using the software testing pyramid as a visual way to represent where you should be focusing your testing effort, and often switch between using a cloud or an Eye of Providence to represent human manual exploratory testing at the top of the pyramid that you should use to supplement and test your automated tests.

Eye of Providence

Automated Testing Pyramid with Eye

Testing Cloud

Ideal Automated Testing Pyramid.jpg

I often see organizations fall into the trap of creating ‘inverted’ pyramids of software testing – the best pyramid to invert is the cloud one since it becomes the the software testing ice-cream cone (anti-pattern)

Software Testing Ice-Cream ConeSoftware Testing Icecream Cone Antipattern

Other Pyramids

I’ve also shared some other testing pyramids:

Business Technology Automated Testing Pyramid.jpg
WordPress.com Test Pyramid

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