Decision Logs

A decision log is a central register of decisions made on a project. A decision log isn’t for blame. The reason a decision log is crucial is it allows a project team to decide, document and move on. This enables velocity since the team doesn’t need to ruminate on decisions. It’s also handy during team conversations where people feel “déjà vu” and have forgotten what they decided previously as it’s a reference point.

I like the simplest decision log that will possibly work for your context. Ours is a Confluence page with a table in reverse chronological order (so the newest decisions are at the top):

QuestionDecisionMade By / WhereDate
Do we want to limit the max records?We should limit it to 50. That’s a sensible limit and we can adjust based on feedback.Product owner during Slack Conversation (link)28 April 2020
An example decision log

A decision log doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind, flexibility is crucial, you just need another decision log entry to show you changed your mind and why 😊

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