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Docker performance on Apple M1

We’ve been using Docker and localstack to create fully isolated local dev environments on our laptops. My work machine is a high-spec’d Apple M1 Macbook Air but Docker was having lots of issues with networking being overloaded by requests resulting in frustrating flaky behaviour and timeouts.

Turns out it is this issue and this comment solved the issue for me:

  1. Turn on “Experimental Feature” > “Use the new Virtualization framework”
  2. Edit “/Users/$USER/Library/Group Containers/”
  "useVpnkit": false,

  1. Restart Docker Daemon

In case anyone is using Docker on M1 Apple hardware and having networking issues I recommend you try that workaround until the issue is resolved by Docker.

Automated Testing Automattic Open Source e2e Automated Tests Now Open Source

I am very pleased to announce that all of our e2e tests for the platform are open source as of this morning. This is following in the footsteps of the Calypso front-end which is also open source.

I am continually reminded of how fortunate I am to work at Automattic who takes pride in its commitment to Default to Open:

“The quality of our code and our product depend on the amount of feedback we get and on the amount of people who use them. If we’re developing behind closed doors, we are putting artificial limits to both.

We have done our best work in the open, let’s continue working this way.”

~ Matt Mullenweg, CEO Automattic

Our ongoing development of these tests is in the open. So please feel free to take a look through our e2e tests, their CI results, and fork them, provide us some feedback, or use some of our ideas. And pull requests are always welcome 😀