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Most of my meetings nowadays are held online.

I hate being late to meetings, but I also like getting things done. When my calendar gives me the reminder about a meeting 10 mins before I’ve developed a habit of joining the meeting straight away so I am already in the meeting when other people join. That way I can continue my work without forgetting to join right on time. I’ve found if I don’t do that I’ll dismiss the notification, get caught up in my work (flow) and forget to join.

This was all well and good at my previous company where we used Google Meet. But my current company uses Microsoft Teams and when I join 10 mins early everyone else invited to the meeting gets a notification telling them I’ve started the meeting! Who designed Microsoft Teams thinking that was a good idea!?!

Any ideas how I can work with this?

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Teams is a terrible thing.
Every channels in Teams link to SharePoint sites. But the folder structure is ridiculously different in Teams and SharePoint. They just messed up everything from Teams to SharePoint.

some random ideas:
– set your clock 10 minutes fast, that way when you are notified to join 10 minutes early you will be right on time
– change your notifications to be on time, or 1 minute early, 2 minutes early etc
– develop a 10 minute habit… when your alarm goes off, make a cup of tea, get water, start a 10 minute stopwatch etc.
– create a script (in playwright?) to wait 10 minutes and then join the meeting. start this script when your 10 minute alarm goes off
– teach your peers to all join 10 minutes early and finish the meeting early too ~:)
– keep alerting everyone you’ve joined 10 minutes early until someone solves the problem 🙂
– start going to meetings 1 minute earlier every day (eventually you will time shift enough to be on time)
– use a different product
– don’t go to any meetings
– change jobs

I hope you find a better solution – that sounds quite tricky 🙂

This is my way.
The default notification is set to go off 15 min before the meeting. I like it because sometimes, I have forgotten of the meting and I need to prepare something before I can attend it. So that is handy.

Now, the notification window has a snooze button. That dismisses the notification and returns it 5 min before the meeting. Now, this is a bit crazy. I again snooze the notification and this returns again at the time of the meeting. Handy, but one more step.

I have now changed the default notification time to 10 minutes. Now it’s one snooze away from the meeting start time. The early notification tells me I need to plan to stop what I am doing and be ready to join the meeting. Also helps me get into impromptu calls with colleagues because I have forgotten about the upcoming meeting.

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