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Playwright in C# (.NET Core)

Whilst I was doing some reading of the Playwright docs I noticed they have C# bindings (as well as Python & Java, but not Ruby) – and since it’s been a couple of years since I’ve used C# I thought I’d take a look at how it works – especially considering .NET Core has support for Mac which makes working in C# .NET so much easier for me.

First I downloaded Visual Studio for Mac Community Edition which was pretty easy to install and this included the .NET Core framework which includes the dotnet command line tool.

One thing about .NET Core is there’s a lot more command line options to do things.

Installing Playwright?

dotnet tool install --global Microsoft.Playwright.CLI
playwright install

Creating a new NUnit Project?

dotnet new nunit -n PlaywrightNunitDemo

Adding Playwright, Building and Running Your Tests?

dotnet add package Microsoft.Playwright.NUnit
dotnet build
dotnet test

My tests end up looking like this:

using System.Threading.Tasks;
using Microsoft.Playwright.NUnit;
using NUnit.Framework;
using PlaywrightNunitDemo.lib;

namespace PlaywrightNunitDemo
    public class Scenario02 : PageTest
        public async Task CanCheckForErrors()
            string errors = await AppHelpers.VisitURLGetErrors(Page, "/error");
            Assert.AreEqual(": Purple Monkey Dishwasher Error", errors);

        public async Task CanCheckForNoErrors()
            string errors = await AppHelpers.VisitURLGetErrors(Page);
            Assert.AreEqual(string.Empty, errors);

and my reusable Playwright code can live in a class with static methods:

using System.Threading.Tasks;
using Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration;
using Microsoft.Playwright;

namespace PlaywrightNunitDemo.lib
    public class AppHelpers
        public static async Task<IResponse> VisitURL(IPage page, string path = "/")
            var config = new ConfigurationBuilder().AddJsonFile("appsettings.json").Build();
            string url = config["BASE_URL"] + path;
            return await page.GotoAsync(url);  

        public static async Task<string> VisitURLGetErrors(IPage page, string path = "/")
            var errors = "";
            page.PageError += (_, exception) => { errors = errors + exception; };
            await VisitURL(page, path);
            return errors;


I quite enjoyed working in C# in previous roles. There’s something nice about typed languages which makes you confident when writing the code that things will do what you expect. Having .NET Core easily accessible on a Mac and being able to use Playwright makes C# even nicer.

Example Code

My example code is:

I’ll see if I can get this running on Linux in CircleCI soon.

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