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“What I’m seeing more and more of, is the test-always, or test-as-quality-accelerant  – or maybe, with a nod to Atlassian, the quality-assistance school. In more and more teams, testers are taking on the role of quality assistant, quality coach, or quality experts. Rather than existing in a separate team, they are members of feature teams and take on the responsibility for ensuring that the entire team embraces a quality culture. Yes, they absolutely bring testing expertise to their product or feature area, and they test the product more than anyone else on the team; but they also help other developers write and improve their own testing and think a lot about the customer experience. Good developers are extremely capable of writing tests (including service monitoring and diagnostic tools) for their own code, but testing experts ensure that the end-to-end experience and other big picture items (e.g. load or perf) are covered as part of the daily work.

Teams with testers like these typically do not have a release phase since they are (typically) releasing often or always.”

Alan Page – April 2017 #

Many years later I still think a small development team with a product owner and a single strong tester/quality advocate/paradev is the best way to produce software consistently and predictably.

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