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Rapid feature delivery using “Fast Follows”

I’ve mentioned previously that I like using “Now”, “Next”, “Later”, “Never” as a way to prioritise the system features we’re delivering.

But we often get in a situation where we want to deliver a “now feature” quickly, but we find something that we need to do on it that we don’t want to want to group with the “next” features. To steal a term startups use and reinterpret it: we call these “Fast Follows”.

“Fast Follow” is a startup strategy that aims to build a company by copying an already proven business model- and executing quickly to “follow” the moves of the predecesor.

Fast follows allow us to quickly ship “now” features into the hands of our customers knowing we have a mechanism to follow quickly with an enhancement or bug fix.

Do you do “fast follows”? What do you call them?

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