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AMA: How do I do data migration testing?

Nathan asks…

Data Migration testing from one application to another application. Which way to test best and easy? The new application should be in Salesforce.

My Response…

This is quite a generic question but I’ll try to answer it the best I can. I usually look at data migrations as three separate steps:

Extract data from the old system
Transform the data to fit the new system
Load the data into the new system

I would test that each step has worked correctly by verifying the data starting in the deepest parts of the system (database tables), moving up into APIs and finally into any user interfaces. I know some CRMs such as Salesforce don’t allow access to database tables so sometimes you can only use APIs or user interfaces to ‘spot check’ data.

I hope this helps you Nathan.

One reply on “AMA: How do I do data migration testing?”

Previously I was working on a project where I had to check the migrated data in the target system.
And I did this with Cucumber and Ruby 🙂 – since the target system was Salesforce based (and there`s a gem to connect to the Salesforce API).
How I did it:
– Parse the excel data file (read and store to array of arrays variable)
– Map the values to the salesforce target system (I had to do some minor transformations like int to float numbers, et cetera)
– Connect to the Salesforce API and get the freshly migrated data to the same thing (array of arrays variable)
– Compare the 2 arrays

It was a fantastic project! With great results! Although the data checked was not much (like 12000 records each test), the testing speed was lightening.

I could give more info, on this if someone likes the idea.


BTW, Alister, I`m a huge fan. Thanks for the blog!

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