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AMA: BA roles in Automattic?

Iroy asks…

Automattic uses interesting and fun names for different roles (QA being excellence wrangler). Are there Business Analyst roles in Automattic? If so, what is it called?

My Response…

At Automattic we differentiate between a Job Title and a Role. My (current) job title is indeed Excellence Wrangler and my role is Code Wrangling. Anyone is free to change their job title to anything they like at any time so we have some fun ones, whereas the roles are pretty static.

chief evilness officer
We have an internal blog where you can follow company wide changes to job titles

Our Employee Field Guide explains job titles at Automattic well:

You’ll have to get used to a fact that might seem trivial at first, but which makes a world of difference: there are no “real” job titles at Automattic, hence no hierarchy, no chain of reporting, no offloading of responsibilities. This does not mean that they don’t exist, just that they’re specific to a particular task or project and are born organically out of specific discussions. It is your job to find out which position you occupy on each journey.

To answer your actual question, we don’t have traditional Business Analyst (BA) roles and therefore no associated fun job titles for BAs at Automattic. We have a (small) business team but the Business Wranglers in that team aren’t BAs in the traditional sense of people who write business requirements or user stories, they are more subject matter experts in our business. The analysis role for any software development activity is a shared responsibility between engineers, designers and product leads.

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