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AMA: more details about our JS e2e tests

Satyajit Malugu asks…

Saw your recent post on JS vs Ruby. As a recent migrant from Ruby to JS for mobile test automation – couple of questions 1) how are you doing page objects (ES6 works too) 2) Are you able to run your E2E tests in parallel? 3)Is there anything like binding.pry for debugging JS whilst execution?)

My response…

  1. This post explains how we’re doing our page objects in ES6, and since all our e2e tests are open source, you can see for yourself 🙂
  2. We use CircleCI which supports parallel test execution, which I enabled in the past, but it’s currently disabled as it was consuming too many build containers which are shared across our organization. Since we have a lot more containers available now I have it on my list to renable these.
  3. I believe WebStorm supports debugging Node Mocha tests; I’ve been meaning to investigate this over console.log statements; I’ll report back when I get around to it.

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