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AMA: the eye above my testing pyramid

Guido Cangelosi asks…

Why use an Illuminati semantic in “your” pyramid ? (and please, do not say “by chance”)

Automated Testing Pyramid

My response…

The eye symbol isn’t so much representative of the illuminati as I don’t consider testers or those who perform exploratory testing to be elitist or anything like that, it actually represents the eye of providence, which is an all-seeing eye.

I believe the role of a modern tester is more than just ‘testing’, it’s to advocate quality, that is make sure we have a good product, and that we have good automated tests (so we continue to have a good product).

So testers need to be an ‘all-seeing eye’ on both our product and our tests. It sits up there floating above the automated tests keeping an eye on them.

The diagram is missing some rays of light so perhaps I’ll include that on my next version 🙂

3 replies on “AMA: the eye above my testing pyramid”

Given that we all at Automattic use to do our daily job, we do manual exploratory testing all the time 🙂 You definitely should include that in your diagram next time. I think it even should be a bit bigger than usual, because not many companies have such luxury. Usually they need to ask employees to do test sessions.

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