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AMA: Async JavaScript Tests?

David asks…

Now that you work with javascript and asynchronous code. It would be interesting to get your thoughts on asynchronous REST/HTTP calls in javascript with respect to testing, if you ever get around to that. I’m familiar with using it in web UIs on client side, but haven’t wrapped my head around that on the test/server side in node.js. I have so far opted to use a synchronous HTTP request library in node.js when I can.

My response…

This is an interesting question David. Whilst WebDriverJs and Mocha etc. are asynchronous on Node, we aren’t using any of that asynchronicity, but dealing with it using promises to resolve to a value we are looking for. It would be very cool to be able to have every WebDriver test we write truly asynchronous to spin up a browser do some testing and wait for any results all whilst running other asynchronous tests, but I believe to do this would be very complicated and pushing the limits of current technology/browser process threads etc. It would be possible if you were writing pure node/ES unit tests though.

So to answer your question we have a bunch of e2e tests written in Mocha that run sequentially one after another in a synchronous manner (using promises), even though they utilise asynchronous libraries.

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