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AMA: tools for managing test cases

ccy asks…

How do you usually manage your test cases/scenarios? I myself found testrail, which is not a free tool, is pretty much the only acceptable (OK UI, REST API to integrate with test run, clear test run/milestone views) choice right now.

My response…

As I explained recently, I believe test cases are redundant as I believe automated tests should take on the role of regression testing and test documentation.

For testing new and updated functionality, I prefer recording testing notes with the item that represents the change. In previous roles this meant testing notes (tests performed) being specified as a checklist on the Trello card that represented a user story.

At, this is done by adding notes to a pull request that is introducing the new or updated functionality, or as comments on an internal blog post/thread that announces/discusses the new or updated functionality. We also have some internal and public blogs where we record continuous dogfooding and critiquing our products which we can refer back to for reference to functionality at a point in time.

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But when you have new people in the team , then they expect test case to have some minimum verification details otherwise they may miss some important things, Suppose a form where some accounts entries are shown. These kind of things need detailed steps..
otherwise those cases may not help in finding functionality issues. It will be like sanity or smoke testing

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