Ask Me Anything

Update on ‘Ask Me Anything’

I’ve had an excellent response to my Ask Me Anything (AMA) post so far.

  • I have received 47 different questions in total
  • I have answered 15 so far on this site
  • I have answered 2 offline/in person as they were from local testers; and
  • I have 30 remaining which I will answer in time.

I am answering every question received on a FCFS basis, but it will take me some time to get through the remaining questions as I like to think about my answer to ensure it is helpful.

Can I ask something of you? If you wish to discuss any of the responses then please do so on the article itself here on I like having all the questions/discussion here alongside the original article so everyone can join in rather than scattered over twitter (which I don’t check) or LinkedIn.

Thanks for that, oh, and if you don’t mind the wait, keep the questions coming.


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