My New Topic for CukeUp! Australia 2015

My change in circumstances means I’ll be doing a slightly different topic for CukeUp! 2015 in Sydney from 19-20 November.

Conference Discount Code

If you would like to attend you can use the following code: SPEAKER-10-AS to get an extra 10% off the early bird price until 18th September.

New Talk Topic

My new talk is titled ‘The 10 Do’s and 500* Don’ts of Automated Acceptance Testing’

Automated acceptance tests/executable specifications are a key part of sustainable software delivery, but most teams struggle to implement these in an efficient, productive way without hindering velocity. Alister will share a few ways to move towards successful automated acceptance testing, and many traps of automated acceptance testing, so you achieve business confidence of every commit in a continuous delivery environment. *Note: talk may or may not include 500 don’ts.

If you’re a Simpsons fan like me, you may recognize the title from here:


Hoping to see those from down under there.

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