After Google Reader

It’s been a few months since I moved on from Google Reader to read my RSS feeds (after it was announced they were shutting the service down).

My first, short lived, stop was feedly but I was after a simple RSS reader, not a ‘magazine’ style one, so I continued the hunt.

I came across and began to use The Old Reader, for its simple interface, and fairly decent mobile web support. A few weeks in the app began having intermittent outages followed by a recent prolonged outage of a few days (apparently the server hard drives crashed).

I waited patiently for it to resume and was then told it would be made private and I had two weeks to find something else to use, only to be told the next day they actually were to continue.

By then I was sick of being messed around so I came across Digg Reader. Simple interface: check. Ultra reliable: check. Simple iOS app: check. I’m loving it. Check it out.

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