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Take screenshots on Windows? Use the snipping tool

I’ve never been that keen on Snagit, so I was delighted to discover (from a fellow paradev) that Windows Vista, 7 and 8 has an inbuilt screen capture tool called the Snipping Tool.

Snipping Tool

You can launch it via the the Start Menu and it allows you to snip an area of the screen to capture. Neat.

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May I recommend a great open source screen capture tool. “Jing”. It’s awesome, its just a small icon that can sit anywhere on your screen and be called upon to take screenshots, video clips and each one can be edited, so you can add caption blocks, arrows,…..etc. Try it out. Works on Macs as well as Windows operated machines.‎

Yeah, this is cool tool. You can even capture Free-form Snip and Window snip which is very handy. Try out also psr.exe in Win 7 – it records the steps to reproduce a problem. Cheers!

It is a handy tool, but I got frustrated that Microsoft didn’t go just a little bit further to make it even better. I wanted them to incorporate some of the aspects of MS Paint into it so that I could:
– create a text box and enter information (ever tried writing with a mouse? Painful.)
– use basic shapes to outline areas of the screenshot in the colour of my choice
– bind the Print Scrn key to launch the snipping tool (admittedly, this one might be possible already but I wanted it as menu option within Snipping Tool)

Great for testing work where I need screenshots of evidence from time to time!
But sadly still need to launch it, waitToLoad, and save it…
Compared to PrintScreen -> Launch Paint -> paste -> Save, it’s only one step less (if you don’t need to crop that is)…
In terms of usability, Windows is still so much far behind Mac on which you just go Cmd+Shift+4 and drag then done and for all…

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