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iPhone app of the week: Australian vegie guide

Today’s app of the week is for my Aussie readers: it’s Gardening Australia’s Vegie Guide.

Vegie Guide

Like Guerrilla gardener Ron Finley, I believe the future is all about growing our own food. I particularly love the idea of kids growing their own vegies, because if they grow it, they eat it.

We have a small herb and vegetable garden on our rooftop of our apartment that our kids maintain. This app provides lot of useful information about plants, including when they should be planted and harvested, and can keep track of your vegie patch for you.

Vegie Guide Basil

It’s very well thought out, and very well implemented. I today learned that letting basil go to flower weakens the flavour of the plant which I never knew before. Cool stuff, and it’s free.

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