Webdriver User Agent Gem has been deprecated

Update: 4th July 2013: This is now being maintained by Cheesy. Read about it here.

I have deprecated the WebDriver User Agent gem.

There are two main reasons for this:

a) I believe in responsive web apps so user agent spoofing is not something I recommend.
b) I am tired of demands placed upon me to resolve people’s issues with the gem when it is so simple to either send a pull request – or roll your own.

I recommend you roll your own user agent spoofing if you really need it.

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I like the gem mate, but I also understand people can be demanding.
While I also agree that responsive web design is better, I use your agent in a situation with legacy user-agent oriented apps and find it rather useful. 🙂
Its a shame you’ve deprecated it but I’ll continue to use it as long as works for me until I need to fork it or build my own.

“I am tired of demands placed upon me to resolve people’s issues …” maybe keep them to yourself in future? Just an idea.

He’s giving away his code, and his time, and has done for quite sometime and asked for nothing in return.
I’m guessing you’re either a troll, or someone who has no idea how much work open source software can be.

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